Question: How do I add my dog to the catalogue?
Answer: Register first, after that you can enter your data.

Question: If my dog is already in the catalogue, how do I get access to the data?
Answer: If my dog is already in the catalogue, how do I get access to the data?

Question: : How do I add the results of the show where my dog was exhibited?
Answer: Add all the dogs exhibited at the show and send us the results.

Question: : Can I add photos from a specific show whose results are already in the base?
Answer: Yes, you can. Send us the photos together with the show catalogue number/numbers and the date of the show. We shall do it.

Question:There are my dog’s offspring already registered in the base. How can the parentage be established?
Answer: Send us the names of the parent and the offspring - we shall do it.

Question:I have added my dog, but my friend cannot find it in the base. Why?
Answer: After the information on a particular dog is added, it is checked. Until the check up is completed it remains in your «Dogs for confirmation» section of the menu and you can make any changes you like and no one but you can view the information.

Question: I made a mistake in the dog’s name and it is already in the «Accessible dogs». How do I correct the mistake?
Answer: You can correct the dog’s name and the date of birth yourself only while the dog is in the «Dogs for confirmation» section. After we made sure then there is no such dog in the base it goes to the «Accessible dogs» and you, as the registree are allowed to make any corrections except in the name and date of birth of the dog. I you made a mistake there and insist that correction is necessary, write to us, we shall do it.

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