Welcome to the virtual database of Kerry Blue Terrier !


The project presented here is a unified electronic database of the KBT breed dogs created to serve as a convenient tool to help both the breeders and this breed lovers.

Our e-catalogue offers collected data not only on the dogs but also on their ancestors - photos, show results, critique, titles, information on the offspring and litter-mates, dates of birth and death, breeders and owners. It also allows one to use a special function of the electronic program to create pedigrees of the planned litters, evaluate the breeding potential, choose a breeding pair, study the offspring of a specific dog and many other possibilities.

The database is generally accessible and allows the KBT owners themselves to add their dog’s data and to present and advertise them to the largest possible number of people not only in their country but also abroad.

We sincerely hope to see more and more KBT owners take an interest in this project to make the electronic catalogue increasingly informative and comprehensive.

We sincerely hope to see more and more KBT owners take an interest in this project to make the electronic catalogue increasingly informative and comprehensive.

Catalogue - is a generally accessible electronic database of the KBT breed dogs.

Breeders/kennels - offers information on the present and past national and foreign KBT kennels and breeders.

Shows - allows an easy way to add a dog’s show results to comply with the database information.

Rating - the exhibited dogs registered in the e-catalogue are awarded points corresponding to their results. Note - at the present moment only the dogs exhibited at the KBT breed speciality shows in Russia held according to the National KBT Club rules are rated.

Judges - offers information on the experts who have judged KBT in their careers.

The database also allows an advanced search, for example by the name of a dog, a kennel, age or country of residence etc., the results depending in a large measure on the amount of information in the database. If, for example, the owner did not register the name of the breeder/kennel or the country of residence - his dog will not appear in the «breeder/kennel» - «country of residence» section of the menu.

To add a dog in the electronic catalogue one must register first. The next step is to check with help of the program search if some information on this dog already exists in the catalogue. One must always bear in mind that the name the dog maybe translated or spelled in different ways - it is very often the case in the countries where the names of the dogs are given in national languages. To avoid this problem and check the base for the information on the dog you are looking for we suggest that you enter the part of the dog’s name that cannot be alternatively spelled.

If you want to add both your dog and its ancestors we recommend that you start with the parents before you go over to the offspring - it will save you a lot of time as the system will automatically fill in parts of this information. Having done this the system will automatically add your dog’s litter-mates supplying the names of the parents and dates of birth.

The editing rights on a dog’s data belong to the registree - the person who suppled the information. In case you found your dog in the base and want to have access to editing let us know the dog’s name and your login to the base. For all information including technical details contact us at .

The admin of the base is not responsible for the content of the data and photos supplied by the users.


Our electronic catalogue would not be possible if not for the help of true kerry blue enthusiasts. We would like to thank everyone who actively participated in creating our database, first and foremost Mrs. Olga Reshetnikova, owner and founder of the «Nordic Kerry» kennel, who has for many years worked to make such a program possible. We give special thanks to Mr. Juri Stepanov for the creation, design and technical support of the project, also to Mrs. Elena Pakhomova for her help with the data base translations.


Madrid 2020(2022)
24.06.2022, Spain
Championship KBT 2021
01.05.2021, Russia
16.05.2021, Russia
Eurasia RKF day 2
02.05.2021, Russia
NN mono
16.05.2021, Russia

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